Attorney Referrals/Cooperation

Because intellectual property law is such a unique area of legal practice, many of our clients come to us by way of referral from other business professionals and law firms throughout the Houston metropolitan area and across Texas.

Attorney Referrals For Intellectual Property Cases

If you are an attorney with a prospective client you believe will benefit from our experience and knowledge in any area of intellectual property law, including contracts involving trade secrets, we welcome an opportunity to discuss a professional arrangement with you.

Ready To Assume As Much Or As Little As You Wish To Refer

We understand that your firm may wish to retain your client for the majority of the legal counsel needed. We are ready to assume only the specific matters that you feel will be best referred to a law firm with our niche experience and knowledge.

Call our offices at 713-579-3001 or send an email with a brief description of your client's needs. We will respond as soon as possible as to the services we can assist you with.