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Making Sure the Defend Trade Secrets Act Protects You

On behalf of Keeling Law, LLC posted in Trade Secrets on May 31, 2017.

As stated in our last blog, the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) provides employers with a valuable legal tool in the ongoing battle against trade secret misappropriation. When a once-loyal employee walks out the door with your valuable proprietary information, the DTSA allows you to (1) stop the former employee from using your trade secrets (including by seizure of property), (2) obtain monetary damages (including exemplary damages of up to two times the amount of actual damages), and (3) recove...

Supreme Court Ruling Will Impact Where Patent Cases Are Heard

On behalf of Keeling Law, LLC posted in Blog on Jun 1, 2017.

Where a patent case is heard can be extremely relevant to the eventual outcome of the case. Traditionally, patent infringement cases could be filed in any federal district court where the defendant conducted business. This enabled plaintiffs to “shop” for the best venue to try their case. A recent Supreme Court Ruling may stop this “forum shopping” maneuver and could dramatically change the way patent infringement cases are pursued. Favorable Results Have Created Patent C...