Protecting Trade Secrets — Your Lifeline To Success

Your intellectual property may have been the reason you started your business. Or it may be the reason your business has grown and succeeded. Protecting it from employees who break noncompete agreements or competitors who seek to steal your trade secrets can be critical to your continued success.

Whether you have trade secrets to protect or are involved in a dispute over infringement rights in Texas, bring your legal matter to us, the intellectual property lawyers at Keeling Law, LLC, in Houston. Since we opened our doors in 1991, owners and executives of businesses throughout the state have trusted us with their most important proprietary asset — their trade secrets.

We represent businesses in intellectual property matters throughout Texas and across the nation.

Schedule an opportunity to meet with one of our intellectual property attorneys to discuss:

  • Intellectual property dispute resolution services, plaintiff or defendant
  • Tortious interference and unfair business practices disputes
  • Using noncompete agreements and confidentiality agreements to protect your intellectual property
  • Employment policies and employment contract provisions to protect trade secrets
  • Protecting your valuable information through patents and copyrights where appropriate

Trade Secret Case Examples:

  • Client judgment enforced by U.S. Marshalls to recover intellectual property of manufacturer, including determination of rights under license agreement and return of property following jury trial.
  • Client granted injunctive relief and damages following successful jury trial to recover stolen trade secrets.
  • Successfully defended injunction proceedings initiated by former employers of departing employees, including defeating allegations of concerted action.

Referring Law Firms

Intellectual property law is a unique and complex area of practice that many law firms do not handle. If you have a client who will benefit from our experience in matters regarding trade secret protections, copyrights, trademarks, or patents, please contact us to discuss a cooperative professional relationship. We are open to assisting with only specific components of your client's legal matter, if that is the relationship you prefer.