Business Dispute Resolution And Litigation

Successful businesses know that a dispute or lawsuit involving customers, suppliers or competitors can drain financial resources and professional energy quickly. Getting the matter resolved as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while protecting your rights and future interests, should always be the goal.

The Houston business litigation attorneys of Keeling Law, LLC, have been helping businesses throughout Texas effectively and efficiently resolve disputes and get their focus back on successful operations since 1991. We are a team of experienced, knowledgeable business dispute resolution lawyers with more than 55 combined years of experience. Our clients include many of the most successful owners of small and midsize private businesses throughout Texas. We also serve as legal counsel for corporations requiring local counsel for litigation in Houston and South Texas.

For plaintiff or defendant, our litigation counsel experience includes cases related to:

Trademark and Trade Dress Case Examples:

  • Defended client against temporary restraining order and at temporary injunction hearing regarding allegations of trademark infringement.
  • Resolution by a bench trial on the merits of claims including trademark infringement and false designation of origin.
  • Negotiation of favorable settlement of trade dress infringement claims.
  • Resolution of alleged trademark and trade dress infringement at conclusion of temporary injunction hearing.

Trade Secret Case Examples:

  • Client judgment enforced by U.S. Marshalls to recover intellectual property of manufacturer, including determination of rights under license agreement and return of property following jury trial.
  • Client granted injunctive relief and damages following successful jury trial to recover stolen trade secrets.
  • Successfully defended injunction proceedings initiated by former employers of departing employees, including defeating allegations of concerted action.

Our Attorneys Also Have Experience in a Variety of Other Intellectual Property and Business Dispute Resolutions:

  • Defending against allegations of breach of license agreement and copyright rights resulting in successful resolution via jury trial.
  • Prosecuted multiple proceedings to protect or recover confidential information and protect trade secrets.
  • Jury trials of contract disputes representing both defendants and plaintiffs.
  • Arbitration of many types of claims, including breach of contract actions.
  • Mediation of a variety of business, contract, and employment disputes.

A Note To Other Law Firms
We regularly establish professional relationships with law firms with clients who have business litigation or dispute resolution needs in our area of expertise. If you have a client you believe will benefit from our experience in one of these complex areas of law, please contact us to discuss ways we can form a cooperative relationship.