Airtight Agreements Not To Compete

When you bring an employee on board, you have the right to expect loyalty, but you don't always get it. Disgruntled workers or employees, seeing a better opportunity over the next hill, often leave on short notice, taking your business' valuable trade secrets.

More and more frequently, businesses throughout Texas recognize the need for employment agreements that will prevent or dissuade workers from using your proprietary trade secrets when they jump ship to your competition or start their own business.

Your Trade Secrets Are Your Road To Success — And Are Worth Protecting

If you are concerned about protecting your business from an employee who may move on to a competitor, talk to an attorney at Keeling Law, LLC, in Houston, about drafting a solid confidentiality or noncompete agreement, for signing prior to start of employment or during employment. Our lawyers combine more than 55 years of experience protecting the rights and financial interests of small and midsize business operations throughout Texas.

Our contract lawyers have experience drafting, reviewing and revising agreements related to:

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