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At Keeling Law, LLC, in Houston, Texas, we have represented our clients in trademark and intellectual property infringement litigation cases for over 25 years.  Since 1991, we have been building our reputation across Texas and throughout the United States one successful outcome at a time.

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Our Houston trademark infringement attorneys bring together more than a half-century of experience in complex infringement cases, for plaintiffs and defendants. Although we have earned our name recognition from court cases, we also understand that the best outcome is often searching for the most efficient and cost-effective solution. We listen carefully to our client's needs and concerns about settlement options and always keep our clients informed about the legal issues that may impact the outcome of their dispute. Through it all, our clients remain confident they have the right attorneys fighting for their rights and interests, while they remain in control of the legal decisions.

There are various ways a trademark may be infringed. There are three ways a registered trademark holder may seek compensatory damages, including:

  • Profits earned: If the trademark holder (plaintiff) can demonstrate the amount of profits the infringer (defendant) earned in the marketplace by using the registered trademark, the plaintiff may seek to be awarded the profits, less the business cost the plaintiff would have had to expend to earn those profits.
  • Actual losses: The plaintiff may seek damages based on actual financial losses incurred as a result of the infringement. These losses may be actual financial damages from loss of sales or loss of future business due to damaged reputation resulting from the infringement.
  • Reasonable royalty: Compensation may be based on the amount the plaintiff would have received in a licensing agreement, had one been entered into with the infringing party.

Referring Attorneys

If you are currently serving as legal counsel for a client involved a dispute or litigation having trademark infringement as a component of the case, talk to us about a professional relationship. We are ready to handle as much of the case as you desire to send to our firm.