Trademark Applications And Registrations

Trademarks aren't just awarded. To successfully register one requires an in-depth search and analysis of the millions of trademarks already used in the market. Introducing a product or service under a trademark that is already in use can result in significant financial damages and litigation costs.

If you are the owner or executive of a small or midsize company in Texas and need to register a trademark to protect your intellectual property, your first step should be to talk to a lawyer with experience in intellectual property law. In Texas, you will find a leading trademark application attorney at Keeling Law, LLC, in Houston.

Over Half-Century Of Experience Helping Texas Businesses Succeed

Since opening our doors in 1991, businesses throughout the state have relied on our knowledge and experience to help them take the right steps toward success. Although filing for a trademark might not seem like a complex legal matter, handling things incorrectly can result in lost time, lost money, and lost reputation.

Why Register A Trademark?

  • Your company will receive federal trademark protection.
  • Once registered, the trademark will be presumed valid in court and you will be presumed to be the owner.
  • The registered trademark will not be presumed "abandoned" during a limited period of disuse.
  • The trademark can become "incontestable."
  • Once registered, other companies cannot claim they were not aware of the trademark.
  • There are additional legal remedies for infringement.

In A Dispute Over A Trademark?

We are aggressive, skilled trademark and intellectual property infringement attorneys. Whether you are the plaintiff in a dispute or defending yourself against accusations of infringement, we are ready to effectively protect your rights and financial interests.

Referring Law Firms
We also work with lawyers and attorneys on a professional basis in all matters related to trademarks, patent law and other intellectual property protections.

Before you fill out a single form, make the call business owners and executives throughout Texas have been making for more than 25 years — call the trademark application and registration attorneys at Keeling Law.